Pastel Rainbows

Things you need

  • Lamp Base
  • Lamp Shade
  • 35 mm photo slides (color or B&W)
  • Jump rings
  • Pliers (2 pair)
  • Black Paint (spray paint & matte acrylic)
  • Hole puncher (1/8″ diameter)
  • Scissors

Remove fabric or material from wire frame by cutting away.

Spray paint the wire frame with black spray paint

Count and lay the slides out so you can choose the ones you want

Once you have the slides you prefer start hole punching each corner of each slide. There will be 2 holes per corner. Except when you get to the slides that will make up the bottom row of the lamp shade there will only be one hole on the bottom of those slides

Take your black acrylic paint and paint each side of the slides and make sure to get the edges and sides as well

Once the slides are dry start hooking them together using jump rings. You may find it easier to assemble a full column of slides before attaching them to the wire frame

Once the columns have been assembled, hook the top slide to the wire frame using jump rings

Once the columns are attached start hooking the sides together for stability

To view the finished photo slide lamp shade

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